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About Vihara

This is called Maha Buddha Vihara, Sarvodaya Vihara having, Nice Buddha Temple inside the campus, 20+ rooms for Bhikkus and guests, small hostel for 40+ orphanage students

Ven. Bhandant Rahul Bodhi (Phd) does lots of activities in this Vihara. We arrange Shramner for more than 50+ Upasak/Upasika and spreading awareness in India.

About - Ven. Bhadant Rahul Bodhi

Ph.D. & Doctorate

Topic : The Patrons of Buddhism in Pali Buddhist Literature From Univercity of Mumbai

Vipassana Technique

Completed his "Vipassana techniques" from various places like Dhammagiri (Under Vipassana Acharya S.N. Goenka), Burma (Yaguna), Kanduboda, Kandy, Mihintale from Srilanka.

Appointed as Vipassana Master for teaching vipassana in 1977 by his teacher Dr. Bhadant Anand Kausalyayan Sangha Nayak, Maha Nayak Thero.

M.A. Degree

M.A. Degree in Pali Literature fron University of Mumbai.

M.A. Degree in Religious Philosophy from University of Srilanka.

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We love our Upasak / Upasika, so feel free to visit the Viahara any time to get the Blessings.

Bhikkhu Sangha's United Buddhist Mission

Maha Buddha Sarvodaya vihar, Tilak nagar, Mumbai, MH 400089, IN

022-25220738 Email : brbodhi@gmail.com / bhikkhusanghaubm@gmail.com